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We provide wound care services to the foot and leg to people in Denton, Texas and the surrounding area. Dr. Barber, a podiatrist, offers in-home treatments and manages the wound care regimen. 

About Dr. Barber

David Barber, DPM

With extensive experience in wound care and limb preservation, Dr. David Barber is a highly skilled professional in this field. He has received training from some of the top limb preservation and infectious disease specialists in the country. Dr. Barber is Board Certified Through The American Board of Podiatric Medicine.

Using the most advanced technology, Dr. Barber strives to achieve the best results for his patients with ulcers and wounds. His commitment to patient outcomes is the driving force behind his work.

Dr. Barber uses cutting edge technology and mobile equipment, including an X-ray system, two vascular testing machines, and an ultrasound debridement system. In cases of particularly challenging wounds, he also employs the use of topical oxygen.

A number of patients requiring wound care are too ill to visit a clinic, which is why Dr. Barber offers this service. These home visits complement, not replace, existing home health care plans and orders. Dr. Barber can even adjust the wound care plans and make orders to help improve wound care healing.

Mobile Wound Q & A

At present, Dr. Barber's scope of treatment is limited to wounds located below the knee. However, we hope to expand our services to include the entire body in the near future, with the addition of another highly qualified wound care professional to our team.

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